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Forerunner to Modernism

Exhibition 2007 in Villa Palagione

Inauguration of the exhibition on 29. 9.2007 in Villa Palagione

Kamal Amin , Scottsdale, Arizona
during his speech at the inauguration (Alumni of Wright)

Giovanni del Drago
(Alumni of Wright)

Franco d`Ayala (Alumni of Wright)

Exhibition within the historical setting of the 400-year-old Villa Palagione

"Frank Lloyd Wright and the organic architecture of today "

13 - 14 October 2007,
Centro Studi S.M. Maddalena, Volterra


A musical meeting with Frank Lloyd Wright,
Villa Palagione, 14 ottobre 2007


Ornella Bazzini (Spinet) Paolo Fratini (Flute)
Eric and Mary Lloyd Wright

The actor Simone Migliorini read
essays from Frank Lloyd Wright
The conference-guests from California:Arthur Dyson (2.), Brian Spencer, (3.),Eric Lloyd Wright (5.)