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Villa Palagione - Impressions
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The Volterran sculptor Raffaeolo Consortini.

In Villa Palagione there
are bronze sculptures by the Volterran sculptor Raffaeolo Consortini exhibited.

Raffaello Consortini
Uno scultore di Volterra
(1999, 7 Min.)

Villa Palagione is now also considered a showpiece or study object for old painting techniques:
A master class of the technical college for paint and varnish technology, Munich reconstructed the decorative wall paintings of the "Baroque" - Room in the east wing on a scale of 1: 1.

Restoration work

The new floor in the the large hall of the villa was restored by Cecilia Gabellieri.

Maistro Marcello Canessa, our instructor for the restoration work.

-Visconti / Claudia Cardinale and Villa Palagione

1962 parts of the film Sandra from Visconti filmed in Villa Palagione. Black and white photos are reminiscent of the sequences in Palagione


All documentary made by Villa Palagione


Film Trailer 3 min.
Pasqua 2020 in Villa Palagione

"Die Coronazeit 2020
in Villa Palagione"

Trailer Villa Palagione 2 Min.

Erfahrung fürs Leben
Das Leonardoprojekt
in Volterra

8 min.
Film - Documentation
Licio Isolani -
A Volterran Artist in New York

Un volterrano artisto a New York
29 Minuten
Raffaello Consortini
Uno scultore di Volterra
(1999, 7 Min.)


Film 4 min
Festival PUNTO ARTE 2019
Masterclass und Konzert in
Villa Palagione 04.07.2019